McDonald Cosmic Surprise!

McDonald Cosmic Surprise!

Guess what? McDonald, the place with yummy burgers and happy meals, has a super exciting surprise for us. They’re opening a brand-new place called CosMc’s, and it’s like McDonald’s but with a cosmic twist! Let’s blast off to the fun details!

McDonald : A Cosmic Adventure in Bolingbrook

The first CosMc’s is landing in Bolingbrook, Illinois. It’s like a special spaceship just for McDonald’s cosmic food! They even have plans to open nine more cosmic spots in Texas by the end of 2024. That’s a lot of places for tasty adventures!

McDonald Cosmic Surprise!

McDonald : Meet CosMc, the Friendly Alien

He’s from outer space and loves McDonald’s food just like we do! CosMc used to appear in ads a long time ago, and now he’s back to make our meals more cosmic.

Yummy Food from Outer Space

Imagine having breakfast with Egg McMuffins or enjoying a delicious M&M McFlurry. At CosMc’s, they’re bringing back old favorites and adding new treats like Churro Frappes and pretzel bites. It’s like a menu from outer space that’s super tasty!

The McDonald land Adventure

McDonald’s is known for its fun characters, and they’re bringing back the magic of McDonaldland with CosMc’s. It’s like going on a yummy adventure with our favorite pals, and maybe even CosMc himself will join the party!

McDonald : Testing, Testing, 1-2-3!

Right now, McDonald’s is just testing CosMc’s to see if everyone loves it as much as they hope. The first cosmic restaurant in Bolingbrook is like a big test kitchen, and they want to open nine more cosmic spots in Texas. Imagine all the space food fun!

Munchies at 3 p.m. – CosMc’s to the Rescue!

Sometimes, when the clock hits 3 p.m., our tummies start to rumble, right? Well, that’s when CosMc’s comes to the rescue! It’s like a cosmic pick-me-up spot where you can grab a snack or a yummy coffee. How cool is that?

Bolingbrook Sneak Peek

Guess what? Some space explorers on X, which used to be called Twitter, shared pictures of the CosMc’s in Bolingbrook. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the cosmic world of tasty treats. The pictures showed all the delicious things waiting for

A Year of Cosmic Data

After opening all these cosmic spots, McDonald’s will spend a whole year looking at data. It’s like they’re doing detective work to see if CosMc’s is a big hit! If we all love it, maybe they’ll open even more cosmic restaurants everywhere!

CosMc’s – A Cosmic Pick-Me-Up!

So, my little space buddies, get ready for a cosmic adventure with CosMc’s! It’s McDonald’s way of making snack time super fun and delicious. With old favorites and new surprises, CosMc’s is like a cosmic pick-me-up for all of us!

Blast Off to Cosmic Happiness!

Let’s blast off to Bolingbrook and Texas to try all the cosmic treats at CosMc’s. It’s a journey filled with tasty wonders, and with CosMc. The friendly alien by our side, it’s sure to be a blast! Happy cosmic eating, everyone!